5 Tips for Saving Battery Life on your Phone

- Mar 18, 2017-

Do you, like many phone owners, feel your blood pressure rising as the battery in your phone dwindles?

You can save yourself a whole load of stress with these 5 tips for saving battery life on your phone.

1. Your phone is constantly using power on things you don’t see. 

   Switching it to ‘Low Power Mode’ on the iPhone, or ‘Doze’ for Android will help preserve battery life.

2. Disabling unnecessary notifications like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will help save battery power.

3. Not everyone likes their phone keeping tabs on them. 

   If you do, having g Location Services turned on will drain your battery. Try turning it off when not needed to save power.

4. Turning off background App refresh will help preserve some of that failing battery

5. Setting your phone to Airplane Mode disables the mobile provider connection, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, 

   saving your precious battery power, with the added benefit of preventing distractions if you are busy too.

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