Download iOS 11 stock wallpapers for Android

- Jun 27, 2017-

Apple released their latest iOS 11 for supported Apple devices on June 5. 

iOS 11 is packed with multiple new features, layouts and wallpapers. 

The latest iOS 11 stock wallpapers are available to download, 

if you are an Android user but wish to download iOS 11 stock wallpapers then you are the right place. 

In this stock wallpapers’ post we have brought a set of 3 stock wallpapers from Apple’s iOS 11, 

the wallpapers are in Quad HD resolution to best fir for the users running QHD devices. 

Download iOS 11 stock wallpapers for Android.

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Download iOS 11 stock wallpapers

Below we have three iOS 11 stock wallpaper with QHD resolution each, we’ll update more wallpapers soon. 

Just click or tap on the image to open it’s full size and if you are using PC, 

Right Click on the image and select ‘save image as’ to download the iOS 11 stock wallpapers and if you are using cell phone, 

tap and hold the image for a while till save image option appears and then save it to your gallery.

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