Give the man this pliers, he can pick up the entire world

- May 22, 2018-

Every man must have a toolbox that contains the dreams of childhood and the responsibility of growing up.


When I was a child, boys mostly liked tossing handmade toys. A pair of pliers and a screwdriver were the tools to make dreams come true. The boy grew up. With his family and children, he became the family pillar. He was able to remove the car at home and was able to dismantle the car. He was the standard of "Good Mr." and the toolbox full of equipment was naturally the essential medicine for men to travel home. This kind of equipment full of male hormones can reflect the kind of responsibility and bravery on the man body.

But for men, whether it is home or outdoors, it would be too much trouble to use a huge toolbox. If it is better to put the toolbox in the pocket, then there is a Swiss Army Knife called "the toolbox in the pocket." At the right time, a saber set of twenty or thirty tools in one, small and exquisite and easy to carry naturally let people flock, but the Swiss army knife also comes with zhuangbility attributes, installed force, practical than multi-tool pliers Had to lower its noble head.

There is a saying in the outdoor world that the Swiss Army Knife is a man's toy and the tool pliers is a man's tool. All of them are "Transformers". The tool clamps in terms of practicality and operation resistance give people the impression that the goods are used by men. There is no other choice, and the Swiss army knife is more like a boy. In some European and American military, judicial organs and even astronauts, tool pliers are selected instead of Swiss army knives.

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