How to choose the best screwdriver set

- May 19, 2017-

For mechanic or electric engineers, a good screwdriver set means a lot to them. 

You can refer to how much important a fishing rod is to a fisherman. 

But choosing the one that suits you the most could be difficult since there are many types and brands that are available. 

Here is what you should do to choose the best screwdriver set.

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What is screwdriver set?


It is one of the most important tools that has versatile usage which can be very useful when is in hands of a pro. 

From carpentry, craft, to fixing a child toy, you’ll always need the help of a screwdriver set. 

They can be very handy for many kinds of stuff and even a child could use it after being taught well. 

A set of screwdriver has many types and sizes so you should choose yours base on your essential needs.

How to choose?

Various length

A good screwdriver set must contain all the important factor that is required by the user. 

And one of the first thing you should look into is the sizes of the screwdrivers. 

A long screwdriver could be perfect for large screws but smaller and deeper ones require a small screwdriver with a proper length. 

So owning a set of screwdrivers with various length is considered to be the very first factor when you choose yours. 

Along with these, people also sell additional tips that come in many sizes and shapes which help increase the flexibility of your set.

Head shapes

There are many screws with different head shapes, you can find a flat, a cross, and even star shape ones. 

Each one requires a different type of screwdriver. 

Having each of these types will enable you to accomplish any difficult tasks.

Choose the specific types of driver set.

I know that I’ve mentioned before that you should choose a set of the drivers with various length and shapes. 

But specific jobs require specially designed screwdrivers and those set mentioned before only work well with basic home uses. 

If you’re a professional then you going to need a set of screwdrivers at another level. 

You might want to have a look at the material of your driver. 

Flimsy material with cheap plastic could be easily broken when under intensive pressure.

Additional features

I highly recommend you choose those with magnetic tips, especially when you’re dealing with tiny screws in modern electrical devices. 

You could easily lose them during the working process and it won’t be easy to find them because of their extra small size. 

And when dealing with small crews you might want to switch to those with soft handles, 

this would help increase the precision and your hand won’t get hurt from working too hard.


These are a few tips that may help you finding your screwdriver set. If you find them interesting, please check out more at my website.

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