How to choose TV Box

- Mar 07, 2017-


The degree of smooth play video is the main aspects of choose a TV Box. 

Which depends on CPU, if CPU runs too low, TV or video will be stucked. So, please pay attention on CPU when choose one, 

What's suitable is the best. not sell best on site.

2.System Update

There are two mian operate system: 

Android and IOS.Please choose some manufacture who have brand and have credit.They support firmware update aftger sales.

3.Function Introduction

Normally, TV Box support on-line player、play local source etc,please be more cautious if you want to buy one can play games on line or 3D play, 

you can search some video to see how it works and compare it with others.What's more, 

Check whether have USB port and hard disk you play local video.


It would be better use Internet, not wifi, cuase wifi more slower and instability then Internet,

you will realize stucked video will drive you crazy when you watch your favorite television programme.


The most expensive is not the best.

Electronic products upgrading speed is very fast,

got one can meet your need、suitable price、quality assurance.

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