How to Maintain a Hoverboard

- Apr 17, 2017-

Hoverboard are unique personal transports that have caught the world by storm since their release. 

Even though they do not hover as their name suggests, these battery-powered accessories are fun to ride, 

and have advanced technologies and systems that eliminate the hassle associated with riding skateboards manually.

If you have bought one, and want to keep it working well for several years, regular maintenance is vital. 

Its board should be clean and grime free. Its wheels should be well oiled, and its battery maintained to maintain peak performance indoors and outdoors. 

Read on for detailed tips on how to do the foregoing well.

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01. How to Maintain Board

Boards are vital hoverboard accessories that bear the weight or users and therefore the most abuse when riding. Scratches, for instance, are common. 

Structural damage is also a major challenge, while accumulation of dirt and grime on their rubberized platforms often act as safety risks by increasing the risk of slippage.

To keep your hoverboard working well, therefore, the first thing that you should do is clean its board as often as possible. 

Disconnect its power adapter and or cable from the electrical outlet in your home and the charging station on your board. 

With a soft damp cloth, clean the board from top to bottom, while at the same time looking out for structural damages that it might accrue over the years. 

You should also clean its footrests and pedals, and tighten all screws to restore its sturdy state.

02. How to Maintain Battery

Hoverboards are electrical accessories that draw power from built-in battery packs. 

Even though most batteries are safe-certified and have internal monitoring systems that prevent them from malfunctioning, 

maintaining them from time to time could prolong the life of your hoverboard significantly. This is not as hard as it sounds.

Once you unplug your hoverboard from its charging station and pop out its battery pack, check it for both physical and structural damage. 

Cracks and burns are a few warning signs that you must look out for when assessing the battery. 

If it is in good physical condition, clean its contacts with a fluff-free cloth to remove dust and grime before reinstalling in your hoverboard. 

Finally, avoid overcharging and or draining your hoverboard’s battery totally. 

Such mistakes often tamper with their electrical circuitries, induce the memory effect, and increase the risk of explosions.

03. How to Maintain Wheels

Most hoverboards have dual-wheeled systems that propel them forwards and back. 

For your hoverboard to work well, its wheels should be smooth rolling and have well-built tires that boost traction on surfaces when in use.

After you have cleaned your hoverboard’s board and maintained its built in battery pack, always check to know whether your hoverboard’s wheels are in excellent state or not. 

Are its tires new or worn out? Are they well balanced? Do they squeak when ridding on rugged terrain? Inspect them with a fine toothed comb and note down all changes that you should make.

If you notice any leaks or signs of serious wear and tear, contact a reputable mechanic or the manufacturer’s sales department (if still under warranty) and ask for help. 

You should also remove all pebbles and debris stuck on its tires and lubricate joints. Make sure that they are working well before riding.

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