How To Setup VPN On Android TV Box

- Apr 10, 2017-

This tutorial will show you how to install a VPN service onto your Android TV Box and configure the settings as well.  

This process is assuming that you have Google Play Store installed on your Android TV Box and you have a Google username and password that you can use to login with.


Why would you want to setup a VPN on yourAndroid TV Box?  There are many reasons but here are the most important.

Your Internet Activity Is Being Watched

Most people don’t realize that their current Internet service provider keep logs of all streaming and download traffic on their respective accounts.  

They can see everything that you have accessed on the Internet which includes media that you have streamed through your Android TV Box or any application (Kodi).  

Also, if you ever travel and connect to public wifi hotspots, your online activity can easily be intercepted as well.  If you ever connect to any of these insecure access points, it is crucial to use a VPN service.

Your Internet Service Provider May Be Throttling Your Connection

Many Internet service providers are also in the cable television market and they don’t like you using these alternative streaming methods (Kodi, Mobdro, UKTVNOW, etc).  

So, they either block access to them or they throttle your connection which results in terrible buffering or slow download speeds.  

Android TV Boxes are becoming more popular by the day and the service providers will start taking more aggressive approaches to keep their share of the market.

Geo Restricted Content

Some of you live in areas where you cannot access a certain Internet service with your Android TV Box because you don’t live in an area that is allowed.  

This is also a big one for those who live in countries where their government restricts access to services originating from outside their country.

IPVanish VPN Service Solves These Problems

When you use a VPN service provided by IPVanish on your Android TV Box, your connection is encrypted and traffic is routed through another server making it impossible for your provider to see what you are downloading.  

Plus IPVanish doesn’t retain any traffic logs so your privacy is 100% secure.  When you connect to the IPVanish service, it assigns you a new IP Address which keeps your Internet traffic anonymous and secure.

By using IPVanish, you will eliminate the probability of your Internet service provider throttling or blocking access to some of the best streaming applications such as Kodi, Mobdro, UKTVNOW, Showbox, and many more.

Once you register for an IPVanish account, you can use the service on five different devices so you can protect yourself on your computer, smartphone, 

Fire TV/Stick, and Android TV Box.  Again, this is perfect for those of you who use public wifi access points so you can now secure both your Android TV Box and any other device that you connect to the Internet.

How To Setup VPN On Android TV Box With IPVanish Tutorial

Step 1  Register for an account at IPVanish.

Step 2  If you don’t already have one, create a free Google Account so you can sign into the Google Play Store in later step.

Step 3  On your Android TV Box, open Google Play Store, perform a search for IPVanish and install it.

Step 4  After IPVanish has installed, open the application and sign in with your username and password that you acquired in Step 1.

Step 5  Change settings to your liking and connect your VPN service to your Android TV Box.

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