Mobile phone accessories include what

- Nov 22, 2016-

1, the battery type: the battery is often the most input to the current mobile phone features and the screen and other aspects of the configuration, 

the vast majority of mobile phones at the time of purchase, the standard configuration is a battery, which obviously can not meet our needs.

2, Chargers: including travel charger (direct charge), cradle (universal charge), 

mobile charger (such as Motorola P790, 5 alkaline batteries or nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery emergency charger), car charger.

3, headphones: Headphones are generally in the standard configuration, but for those who want to pursue a better music player, 

you need to buy more professional headphones, such as Sennheiser, 

Shure, etc. (limited to support standard 3.5 Mm diameter mobile phone or have a 3.5mm interface, headset adapter phone). 

LCD remote control or ordinary wire, and so on.

4, data transmission categories: including data lines (generally equipped with standard, 

but like Samsung Brush, need to purchase Brush line), sync base, memory card, card reader, infrared adapter, Bluetooth adapter. 

These things for us to download ring tones, pictures, software, etc. are essential.

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