Select the headset you should consider what factors

- Nov 22, 2016-

Headset comfort is also very important, the use of headphones at the same time as there are other activities have to be taken into account, 

A headset can not be too tight nor too loose, should be able to wear for a long time. 

Headband and the unit can be adjusted to ensure different head shape and the use of different purposes, 

Professional audio staff sometimes need a single unit monitoring, 

The unit needs to be able to rotate, the length of the line and the unit is also affecting the use of the line One factor. 

In-ear headphones lightweight and convenient, unique wire design, suitable for soft earmuffs, headphones ergonomic, 

The most considerate ear, the tri-band is more balanced, sound quality is more vigorous. 

In the adjustment of the headband length to pay attention to: 

headband is short, the pressure on the head, ear head pressure on the head, headband long time on the contrary, 

three points of pressure to achieve balance is the most comfortable, for adaptive head With this problem does not exist. 

Now there are some earmuffs headset with a pentagonal design, can be more fit the human ear, wearing more comfortable.

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