Teach you a deeper understanding of mobile power

- Nov 22, 2016-

The core technology of mobile power supply is to charge the mobile phone when the discharge current and voltage curve is smooth, 

it is vital to damage the important technical indicators of charging equipment, 

the discharge curve test must look at the third party's authoritative test report.

On the mobile power, it has a certain emergency function, in the number of digital power supply can not be stored in the case, 

can be powered by some devices to achieve the effect of digital products work properly. 

Such as the emergence of solar mobile power market, hand-cranked generator mobile power, intelligent machine standby power.

Mobile power technology refers to the design of the product into the consumer's public or a small minority of the aesthetic. 

As portable and has a certain function of electronic products, consumers pay attention to the appearance of the aesthetics, 

so the mainstream manufacturers not only in increasing the battery power management technology innovation, 

but also increase the aesthetic appearance of the product in line with consumer research and development .

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