The advantages of Bluetooth headset friends too much

- Nov 22, 2016-

As a wireless technology industry developer, but also a senior user of Bluetooth headset; 

Take communication Bluetooth headset, it can bring me a lot of benefits. 

We all know that the phone is a radiation, this radiation is certainly not a good thing for the brain, 

We do not study it can kill the number of brain cells; holding a cell phone to play 10 minutes is enough to make your arm ache, 

Ears are also very uncomfortable; I believe this feeling we have had it. 

The Bluetooth headset a good solution to this problem, it can make my brain away from cell phone radiation, and no longer have to hold a cell phone call, 

The waist is not sore back pain, but also reduces the risk of mobile phone fall. 

Mobile phone accessories wholesale To ensure personal safety:

With the introduction of the new traffic law, the car will be hit by a cell phone will be punished; 

In fact, not the purpose of deduction is to remind the driver safe driving; 

and Bluetooth headset in the new traffic law became very popular after the introduction of the purchase of most people Are car owners. 

Even personal experience is that the use of Bluetooth headset, 

I do not have to drive a single hand in the steering wheel to call, attention will be more focused, driving naturally more stable friends; 

of course, do not have to worry about the points deducted Kazakhstan.

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