The Coolest New iOS 11 Features You Didn't Know About(1)

- Jun 08, 2017-

Apple showed off a lot of cool new features coming to iOS 11 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch at WWDC 2017, 

but they only just touched the surface of what iOS 11 has to offer. There are a lot of hidden gems to explore.

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Aside from the big-ticket items like the improved Control Center, maps for malls and airports, and better compression for photos and videos, 

there are things hiding in iOS 11 such as a screen recorder, persistent notifications, and the list goes on. Some of the stuff we wanted actually showed up, 

and we'll attempt to find everything new that's cool about iOS 11 right here.

Before diving into the full list of features, if you want to get some hands-on experience with them, make sure to install the iOS 11 beta on your device.

1. The Control Center in One Page Now

Just like we hoped, Apple made the Control Center a single page again, instead of the clunky two-page version in iOS 10. 

Everything gets its own little section, and you can use 3D Touch to expand and interact with most of these options.

2. And It's Customizable

This was another big item from our wish list, and it's a good start to customizing the Control Center. 

In the settings, you can add, remove, and rearrange options in the pull-up menu, but you're limited to Apple apps and services, 

which means no third-party app integration. Hopefully, this will come in the future, but we're not betting on it.

Airplane Mode, Cellular Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, Personal Hotspot, Rotation Lock, Do Not Disturb, 

AirPlay, and the Music controls are all non-customizable, meaning they you can't remove any of them.

3. The Flashlight Has Another Intensity Option

If you 3D Touch on the flashlight icon in the Control Center, you'll notice that instead of three intensity options (low, medium, high), there's a fourth one. 

The names have been removed, so you'll just have to guess at what the fourth one is called.

4. You Can Screen Record Without Your Mac

Hidden in the Control Center's customizable settings, there's a new Screen Recording option. 

That means you no longer need QuickTime on your computer or some shitty third-party app that doesn't work well (or at all).

Just add the option to your Control Center, then tap on the icon to start recording. If you 3D Touch on it, you can enable the microphone, too. 

You can turn it off the same way, or via the blue status bar indicator. 

Then all you have to do is tap on the notification that it was recorded and begin editing out the stuff you don't want.

5. And More from the Control Center

Aside from the default iOS 10 options in the Control Center, there's also Cellular Data, Personal Hotspot, Screen Recording, Alarm, 

Do Not Disturb While Driving, Notes, Accessibility Shortcuts, Apple TV Remote, Guided Access, Low Power Mode, Magnifier, Stopwatch, Text Size, and Voice Memos. 

There's also the Wallet shortcut, which may or may not work better for you than the double-click option for passes.

6. You Don't Need 3D Touch for Control Center Quick Actions

If you have an iPhone that doesn't come with 3D Touch, you're not left out in the cold again when it comes to quick actions. 

You can now long press on almost any icon in the Control Center to bring up the same quick actions that 3D Touch users get. 

This means you can now adjust flashlight intensity, among other things. 

Unfortunately, this long-press feature for older iPhones is only available in this menu, not on the home screen or elsewhere.

7. There's No More Annoying Volume HUD

Yes, that volume HUD that we've hated since who can even remember is finally gone. 

While Apple did take some steps in previous iOS version to lessen the annoying effect it had at interrupting your viewing pleasure in some of their own apps, 

it looks like now every app has obstruction-free volume adjustments.

But now there's only one issue: There's absolutely no indicator now for apps that use Apple's default option, 

so when you go to change the volume in Netflix, Vudu, and other video apps, you won't see anything. 

Seriously — nothing. This is likely tied to the addition to the volume controls in the Control Center seen above.

8. You Can Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash from Friends

While this doesn't seem to be implemented just yet, and possibly won't be until iOS 11 is at least available in a public beta, 

there's a new feature called Apple Pay Cash that lets you easily send money via your debit or credit card to friends and family via the Messages app. 

When they receive it, they can make Apply Pay purchases or transfer to their bank. 

People can also send you money so you can do the same, and you can even request them to send you money in Messages.

9. The iMessage App Drawer Looks Better

While we're in the Messages app, let's talk about the App Store for iMessage. 

It looks way cleaner, slimmed down to a tiny row at the bottom which is expandable when you need it.


10. Messages Can Be Store in iCloud

Yep, this means that all of your messages on your iPhone can finally really be synced with your messages on your Mac. 

Previously, it was a big mess, and messages you deleted on your iPhone would not delete on your Mac as well. 

This is a huge privacy concern, obviously, so this is a nice addition.

11. The App Store Got a Huge Update

The iOS App Store is taking a queue from the Apple Music look with its new redesign. 

It's got a "Today" view jam-packed with information on new apps and in-app purchases, stories, and even how-tos. 

Apps and games also get their own tabs, and ratings and reviews gained new precedence. 

Developers can even respond to reviews now, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it. 

You can see all of the new iOS App Store features in the link below.

12. You Can Disable In-App Prompts for Ratings & Reviews

While Apple was already readying this new ratings and review system back in iOS 10.3, 

the system-wide toggle to disable feedback requests inside apps only appears in a few betas here and there. 

Now, it's back in iOS 11 (hopefully for good).


13. There's a File Manager App

Touted as an iPad feature during WWDC, Files, Apple's new file manager app, is also on the iPhone. If you can't find your iCloud Drive app, it's because it's now a part of Files. 

Eventually, you'll be able to add other cloud storage accounts to this app, like Google Drive and Dropbox, but right now it's only iCloud Drive and stuff on your iPhone. 

However, we're not sure what files will show up in "On My iPhone," so only time will tell. Ours is empty right now.


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