The most common mobile phone accessories, data cable with the difference between the charging line

- Nov 22, 2016-

Generally our Shenzhen mobile phone accessories in the data lines and charging lines are generally used with USB interface, four lines, 

the charging line when the power supply VCC and GND of the two lines, and the data line is used VCC, GND , And two communication lines.

Data line in the USB interface that there are four lines with the line, and the power cord in the USB line there are two lines, 

so the data cable can be when the power cord, and the power cord can not be used as data lines.

Data line inside the line is very small, different line resistance, the current size is not the same, the current large charge fast, otherwise slow. 

General of the original charger fast, repair shop to buy the no-name, which is very thin copper wire, charging on the slow.

Describe the common sense of copper in the data cable

Time: 2015-12-25 14:02

Pure copper appearance was purple, called copper. Copper has a density of 8.89g / cm ?, 

it has good electrical conductivity, electrical conductivity after silver, 

the more pure copper, the better its conductivity; a good thermal conductivity, 

second only to silver and gold; also has A certain mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance, 

low temperature brittleness, easy to weld, plastic strong, 

easy to withstand a variety of cold and hot pressure processing.

Conductive copper is usually used with copper 99.9% purity of industrial copper, 

under special conditions, the choice of oxygen-free copper or non-magnetic high-purity copper.

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