Under what circumstances the use of mobile power can not be taken lightly

- Nov 22, 2016-

Mobile power products are followed by the popularity of mobile phones and related digital products designed to meet the needs of these products and charging, 

but there are some individual mobile phones and digital products with circuit protection, 

must be equipped with mobile phones and digital products with the charge Or data cable to identify the charge, 

this type of problem is their own problems, it can not buy popular mobile power, 

you must charge your phone and the power to charge.

Need to find a solution is to find a corresponding data line. 

You can solve the problem. Voltage or current can not lead to mobile power can not be charged, 

the market most of the mobile power are 5V / 1A or 5V / 2A, etc., 

do not have a mobile power 3.7V, and some special mobile phone, voltage Different, 

so it can not charge, more normal lithium battery is 3.7V voltage, 

and Apple's mobile phone using the 5V voltage, do not do the case of boost, the general lithium battery is unable to give # # # # # 

Because the mobile power supply is mainly driven by Apple, so mobile power is used 3.7V batteries, 

and then use the mcu boost IC conversion, to achieve the Apple phone charging.

The current development of some mobile power will be compatible with most of the phone, 

rarely can not use some of the situation, 

if not in use, the consumer can contact the mobile power supply manufacturers can not figure out why. 

There may be mobile power itself is a problem.

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