Useful Tools & Accessories for Electrical Wire Maintenance

- Apr 11, 2017-

Electrical maintenance professionals need the right cable tools and accessories to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Safe, effiicient industrial grade tools and accessories make great additions to any toolbox.

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Unexpected downtime due to the lack of proper tools and accessories can be frustrating and costly. 

Having the right tools readily available for wire and cable maintenance needs can make a big difference in scheduled and unscheduled repairs.


Electrical maintenance professionals commonly use certain tools to make necessary repairs. 

To reduce downtime and get the best use out of each tool, there are some key properties to look out for.

Small Wire Stripper

Great for use on smaller cables with an outside diameter ranging from 0.0395” to 0.1260”

Lightweight and compact enough to fit in your toolbox or back pocket

Should efficiently strip electrical wire without cutting or crushing wires or wire filaments

Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper

Ideal for stripping rubber-jacketed cable

Replaces the use of a box cutter (using a box cutter to strip wire is a safety hazard)

Should easily and safely strip jacketing on cable ranging from ¼” to 2 ¼” in size

For an optimal cut every time, keep extra replacement blades

Cable Stripper

Easily fits in toolbox or pocket

Can be used to cut cable jackets ranging from 0.25” to 7/8” outside diameter

Should snugly fit inside your hand for a safe and easy cut

Make sure the cable stripper includes a calibrated micrometer to allow for precise cutting depth

Keep replacement blades handy for a smooth cut every time

Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Used to cut aluminum or copper cables up to 1 ¼” diameter

Added torque provides a safer and easier cutting experience

Convenient for cutting cable in tight spaces

Make sure the blades are hardened carbon steel for re-sharpening and rust resistance

For an easier grip, the cable cutter should have an anti-slip coating on the handle

Large Handle Cable Cutter

Can easily cut copper and aluminum cable up to 1 ½” in diameter

Ensure the blade is made of rust resistant, forged steel for a clean cut and minimal distortion

Forged steel can be re-sharpened to last longer


If you are making repairs to your wire and cable, chances are you are also using electrical tape on a regular basis. 

With so many different options available, finding the right tape to protect your wire can be difficult. 

Choose an insulated electrical tape with extended properties that protect your electrical wire, connections, assemblies and more.

Insulating Electrical Tape


Made up of compounded, synthetic silicone elastomer

Oil, water, ozone, heat and chemical resistant

Heat resistance ranging from -60°F to +400°F

Sticks to itself, not your cable

No sticky residue

Extremely pliable, yet durable

High dielectric properties

Can be used on cable as well as electrical connections

Has thickness of at least 40 mil to 50 mil

Regular maintenance keeps your machinery running efficiently and plays a direct role in reducing costly downtime. 

No matter what type of electrical cable you're using, having some key electrical wire tools and accessories in your toolbox can make replacing or repairing the cable a lot easier. 

Begin today by downloading our useful tools and accessories tip sheet to help you fill your toolbox with the right tools.

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