Wear headphones must pay attention to these ten aspects

- Nov 22, 2016-

1. It is best not to sleep with headphones. Most people absolutely can not be fixed overnight, 

   A long time, the headset is not wrapped around the neck line is like twisted two threads together, 

   And some large headphones or crush the shell. 100,200 at the beginning of the beam is relatively fragile place! 

   If some friends say I do not listen to songs I could not sleep, then it is best to hang up the headphones, 

   That is, in your head above, with a rubber band tied headphones line hanging in bed. 

   When a head tilt headset will be "pull" down, no matter what you do not turn over to the pressure to! 

   The advantage of using the rubber band is in the pull headphones play a role in the buffer!

2. After using the headset headphones online sweat and other wipe. 

   These secrets of the human body, with grease or something, is the wire invisible killer, such as e2c in the ear bend. 

   A long time, the wire will be aging, and finally lead to slot, fracture.

3. In the use of headphones is best not to smoke. Who are not careful when, whether it is the headset shell, headset line hot, hundreds of thousands of ocean you can not feel bad? 

   Another soot will enter into the headphones shell stuck in the shock film, a long time the sound is not right.

4. Be sure to turn off the volume before use. 

   If your output device's volume is too large, not only the ears, the light membrane fold. 

   In severe cases, the headset voice coil burned.

5. Headphones away from strong magnetic. 

   The magnetism of the magnet of the unit will drop, and the sensitivity will decrease in the course of time!

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