Bluetooth Headset Should Be How The Maintenance

- Nov 22, 2016-

1, to avoid collision

Presumably a lot of people have experience, once the headset collision, then use the time will not be broadcast, 

it is because the ear is a more sophisticated equipment, once the collision, 

the internal parts will appear loose or damaged. So we often feel that their money to buy earplugs in fact buy a set of small speakers.

2, dust, fire, smoke Many IT products are adapted here, which is why?

1, the fire must have smoke 

2, smoke will make the headset shell, diaphragm sticky ash 

3, headset deterioration This is a series of evolutionary process。

3, moisture

moisture We often have such a situation, after a sweat after exercise, give music even more power, 

often this is a plug headphones, headphones will rust. 

Why, because sweat, and sweat in a lot of salt. So the headphones rust, we need moisture.

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