DIY Smart Phone Repair: Five Tools Needed For Cell Phone Repairs

- Apr 22, 2017-

In today's world, a cell phone is practically required equipment for getting around on a day to day basis. 

 Most people would not know what to do without their phone in their pocket at all times. 

With that in mind, cell phone repair has quickly become an important task. 

Whether you are going to be working on cell phone repairs as a profession, or you just have enough knowledge to help your friends and family when they have a problem, a cell phone repair kit is a smart purchase. 

You will need the right tools if you are going to fix a complicated smart phone properly, and there are plenty of kits on the market to choose from.

If you are in the market for a kit, the General Tools 660 Smart Phone Repair Kit is a wise pick. 

This smart phone repair kit includes tools that are capable of aiding in the repair of a variety of devices, as long as you have the right knowledge to go along with the tools themselves. 

You will find 17 unique tools within the kit, each serving a specific purpose. 

While there are a total of 17 tools that you can pick from to get the job done, this article is going to focus on five that will be important in your quest to get the smart phone back up and running.


One of the first challenges you run into when trying to complete smart phone repair is simply getting the device open in the first place.

Obviously, without the ability to get a device open, it will be pretty much impossible to make the necessary fixes. 

This is why any good smart phone repair kit needs to include a pry bar. 

Taking a regular screwdriver to your smart phone is almost guaranteed to result in damage, 

but that won't be the case when you use a purpose-built mini pry bar. In the General Tools 660 kit, for instance, 

the pry bar is 6mm on one side and 9mm on the other, so you have the right tool for the job no matter what device you are working on.



You aren't going to find large parts within a smart phone. 

Everything used to construct a smart phone is selected because it can get the job done while keeping weight and size down. 

With that in mind, you are probably going to have a hard time seeing everything within the phone without the use of some kind of magnification. 

For this reason, a good kit will offer a tweezer/magnifier combo that can be used to pick up small components without having to strain your eyes. 

Since each of these tools is built into the same unit, you can manipulate them with one hand while keeping your other hand free to control the device in question.


No smart phone repair kit would be complete without a number of bits that can be used to undo the fasteners used to hold the device together. 

As you would expect, these bits are tiny in order to match up with the tiny fasteners that smart phone makers use in their products. 

The last thing you want to do is get halfway through a job only to find that you don't have the right bit available to you, so pick out a kit that has plenty of them included.

There actually aren't a wide range of bits in use among electronics devices, so a good kit which includes a selection of bits is likely to have everything you need.

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Getting the SIM card out of a smart phone can be a tricky task, and it is certainly not one that you want to get wrong.

Rather than trying to make due with some other tool not meant for the device, the General SIM card removal pick was specifically build for just that purpose. 

When the pick is used properly, you can extract the SIM card without doing any damage, and your repair can proceed as planned.


One of the tools you might not think about right away when dealing with electronics repair is a suction cup. 

When dealing with delicate and expensive screens, a suction cup is a great way to pick up parts without doing damage.

With a smart phone repair kit on your side, such as the General Tools 660, you will be a step ahead of the game when it comes to completing an important smart phone repair job.

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