How To Change The Keyboard On Your Android Phone

- Jul 17, 2017-

Setting up a default keyboard on your Android phone is a lot easier than you think!

One amazing thing about Android phones is the plethora of customization options you have, including the option to change keyboards. 

There are a bunch of great keyboard apps for Android to choose from, so find the one that feels right for you.

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We'll be working with the SwiftKey keyboard today to show you how to set a default keyboard on your Android phone, but the process is the same no matter which keyboard app you choose.

Note: This method applies to devices that run "stock" Android like the Google Pixel, Nexus phones, and the OnePlus 5. 

Your experience may be slightly different, but the general steps still apply.

1. Download and install new keyboard from Google Play. 

2. Go to your Phone Settings.

3. Find and tap Languages and input.

Android Phone keyboard01.jpeg

4. Tap on current keyboard under Keyboard & input methods. 

5. Tap on choose keyboards.

6. Tap on the new keyboard (such as SwiftKey) you would like to set as default.

Android Phone keyboard02.jpeg

7. Read the Attention prompt that comes up on screen and tap OK if you wish to continue. 

8. Make sure the switch beside the keyboard has changed from gray to green.

9. Go back to the main language & input screen.

Android Phone keyboard03.jpeg

10. Tap on current keyboard again. 

11. Select the new keyboard (such as SwiftKey). This will save automatically.

12. Make sure the keyboard is working by writing a quick message to someone.

Android Phone keyboard04.jpeg

Enjoy using your new third-party keyboard on your Android phone! If for any reason you want to go back to the stock keyboard or want to try out a different keyboard, it's the exact same process.

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