How To Take Down The Phone Steel Membrane

- Nov 22, 2016-

First, the edge with a knife to pry steel film, the general will not be affixed to a very tight film, 

if the fear of injury to the phone, with a nail button can be.

Second: that mobile phone explosion-proof glass film to take down, but also stick to it?

(1) theoretically possible, as long as the sticky side of the protection, do not stick to the dust on the line.

(2) For example, it can be bonded to a clean glass, or in fact, a clean plane, and then use the next re-attached to the phone on the line. 

    But to note that the side with the sticky side of the screen once the mobile phone with the air contact, it is easy to smoke dust, 

    because the air is a lot of dust, so the phone explosion-proof glass film production are in the workshop can not be carried out. 

    So a take down, immediately to protect, otherwise, it is difficult to ensure that the back can be reused.

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