How To Use Your IPhone To Its Full Potential

- Mar 28, 2017-

Let's be honest, FOMO is especially real every time Apple makes an announcement that it's coming out with a faster, sleeker, prettier iPhone. 

But what if the phone you have in your own two hands is enough? Use these hacks and discover how your iPhone can perform magic that may even rival some of your friends' flashy new purchases. 

You'll feel like you know the inside scoop, and you'll also stretch your hard-earned dollars a little further than you imagined. 

So even if you don't have the the latest iPhone in your back pocket, you surely won't be missing out.

See Through the Screen

Your screen can be the difference between watching a video like you're in the picture, and watching video like you're in 1999. 

Use these screen tips to figure out how to do everything from removing scratches to changing out the font.

Don't Let the Juice Go Dry

Next up: tackling the phone's all-too-important battery life. Use this simple trick to keep your battery percentage within view, 

And you won't have to wonder if you have enough power to watch yet another YouTube video.

Keep a Tight Leash on Your Prized Possession

Another scary situation? Losing your phone. Though it may serve as a good excuse to go out and toss money at a new phone, try tracking your phone using an IMEI number instead. 

This will definitely save time and moola if your phone is found.

Have a Good Sense of Direction

Still at a loss as to where your phone may be? Try one of these location-finding tricks to track it down. 

While it may be under your bed (or not), it's always a good idea to do a thorough search.

Always be Ready for Your Close-Up

The iPhone's camera lens essentially rivals that of a compact digital camera. 

And with photography playing such a major role in social media these days, it's best you learn how to take better photos ASAP.

C'mon, Vogue

Of course, the iPhone and the #selfie basically go hand-in-hand. 

Which is why it's time to turn that camera on yourself like a vlogging expert once you've nailed all of the necessary photo skills. Cheese!

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