IOS 11 Will Stop Apps Like Uber From Constantly Tracking Your Location

- Jun 08, 2017-

When iOS 11 is available later this year, users will have the option to customize how each app uses his or her location — regardless of the options a developer provides.

Prior to iOS 11, users could only use one of the location access options provided by developers. 

That meant, for an app like Uber, you were limited to two options. 

If a developer didn't want to include the option for use only while you are using the app, you were stuck with Never or Always. 

As the above screenshot shows, iOS 11 users are finally given full control over when an app can access location data. 

Naturally, most users will only want that to be when he or she is, you know, actually using the app.

To control each individual app, users will need to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to adjust individual app settings or as shown in the screenshot, iOS 11 will prompt users.

As is always the case with Apple betas, the company sometimes removes or changes features before final release. We will update this post as the beta process progresses.

Apple confirmed to CNET that this is indeed a feature of iOS 11. 

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