Iphone 9 Will Be Released Soon. Will You Buy It?

- Jul 23, 2018-

It is understood that the appearance of this iphone 9 will use 6.1-inch high-definition full-screen, in the design of the fuselage is still the classic model before the use of the glass body and the middle frame metal combination, this time Apple will launch more than five The color scheme allows the young people to have more choices. In addition, before the online transmission of iphone 9 will appear a very serious chin screen, I believe Apple will also use advanced technology to make up for this regret. There is news that the reason for this iphone 9 panel, so the COP packaging technology can not be used, but the width of the chin will still be controlled within 0.2mm, which is also worthy of praise.

Mobile phone accessories.jpg

Let us wait and see for accurate information.

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