The Importance Of Mobile Power Cells And Circuit Boards

- Nov 22, 2016-

At present, more and more popular mobile power products, which led to the quality of mobile power products of this uneven, 

and some even three non-product, which has a certain security risk, then lead to mobile power generation is the main core of what is dangerous?

The main core components of mobile power mainly has two parts:

The first is: batteries, batteries is the other energy into electricity storage medium. 

Therefore, the quality of batteries can be used as an important measure of the quality of mobile power, 

one of the important standards, mobile power batteries are commonly used 18650 lithium battery, polymer lithium two, 

because some unscrupulous manufacturers will choose to reprocess the batteries to produce this Class goods, 

and these batteries not only production process is not up to standard, 

it may be due to the quality of the ignition, but the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion, 

and even the explosion situation is not surprising.

The second is: circuit board. In addition to batteries is the circuit board protection (circuit board: 

divided into soft board and hard board) these poor circuit board will make the output current instability, 

will also lead to charge the phone when the current is easy big suddenly small , 

And this way it is easy to "burn" a bad phone.

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